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About me.

My name is Maria Möschberger, born July 8, 1974 and raised in Muzzano in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

I was a somewhat solitary child, in love with my forest, my lake and my grandmother who was my friend. Details that emerge today in my artistic works still linked to nature, to old objects and which perhaps still reveal that solitude.

However, a solitude that opened me up to discover invisible worlds.

Wandering barefoot for days in the woods was like discovering infinite secrets about me.

I have always had the deep desire to study art and at the age of 18 I managed to enroll in a preparatory school for the academy. Although the subjects were all I loved the most, I couldn't live with the school line of thinking; I left it convinced that I would later enroll in the academy as a privatist. Life, on the other hand, had different plans and only rarely was I able to devote myself to art again. It was a roller coaster of ups and downs, of acrobatics; but today I recognize that it was the best art school I could ever hope to have, which enriched me with stories, pain, strength and love.

In 2011  Gyano Koch, knocked on my door, after seeing a photographic presentation of mine that had been commissioned from me in a villa museum (Villa Orizzonte in Castelrotto), determined to involve me in a collective exhibition that he was organizing in the region, presumably with photographic works. I never imagined I would show up with paintings, moreover improvised on old doors from which my whole artistic vein was born. The paintings had an enormous response and I continued to participate in his group exhibitions for three years. In 2012 I created an important project: PATH TRACCE D'ARTE, which involved three municipalities, 14 artists who opened their atelier to the public and also included external artists to tell stories in the squares, play concerts and much more. This project which received many public recognitions including the Lugano Regional Development Authority from which it won a prize, Lugano Tourism Authority which sponsored the map-brochure distributed throughout Switzerland; was destined to expand further in the Malcantonese area and beyond, unfortunately due to some unhappy collaborations, and insufficient funding, it died in 2015.

During these years I was selling my works from the atelier. After that my artistic activities stopped.

SWISSARTEXPO 2023 came to me as an invitation to a new beginning; the opportunity to resume creating after a long break and to finally take the first step out of my atelier into the world.


"Painting is like the soul:
loves to be discovered
and undisclosed."

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